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Leica Construction Laser :




Construction Laser Leica Roteo 25H

Interior Green Beam Laser Leica Roteo 35G


Construction Laser Leica Rugby 810
Leica Rugby 810 - 5 Year Warranty
The new Rugby 800 Series has been made 100% waterproof, durable to withstand the rigors of the building site (or war zone) by upgrading the case, the internal components and the glass housing to near bullet proof thickness. 

Simple and reliable, one button laser where no mistakes are possible

Single axis slopes up to 45° with manual slope adapter

High application performance with with Leica Rod Eye 140 - with the built-in 12cm detection window, you can easily detect the beam over the entire distance.

Leica Rugby 820 with Digital Receiver Rodeye 160
Construction Laser Leica Rugby 820

Leica Rugby 820 - 5 Year Warranty

The Leica Rugby 820 is the idea tool to carry out concrete forming, pad placement and framework levelling. Setting foundations and footings has never been more efficient. With automatic slope in single or dual-axis. It provides outstanding application performance with Smart Targeting & Smart Lock functionality.


Operating Range 800m diameter

Self-leveling Accuracy ±1.5mm at 30m (±3/32” at 100 ft)

Self-leveling Range ±6°

Robust and Waterproof - IP68

Manual Grade

Rotating Speeds 10rps (600 rpm)

Automatic self-leveling mode.

RC400 remote control: Range 200m

Construction Laser Leica Rugby 830

Leica Rugby 830  - 5 Year Warranty

Achieve the highest performance and precision, specifically for long range levelling applications in general construction and machine control up to   1,350m (4,430 ft) and up to 60°C (140°F)

No downtime with our solar panel - power and charge anywhere, anytime

For applications that require a slope, set in manual operation up to 10% in single or dual-axis

Maximum Temperature Stability - guaranteed highest accuracy across the entire operating temperature range 


Self-levelling horizontal & manual slope in dual axis

Operating range (diameter): 1,350 m (4,430 ft)

Maximum Temperature Stability: -20° to +60° C, -40° to +142° F

Construction Laser Leica Rugby 840
Leica Rugby 840 - 5 Year Warranty
The Leica Rugby 840 provides the highest application performance, horizontal and vertical self-levelling with tough, rugged reliability.
The Leica Rugby 840 is the flag ship laser levelling instrument for both ground workers, civil engineers and construction workers alike. This instrument will provide precise horizontal and vertical levels with laser plumb to ensure that the instrument has been aligned correctly.

Dual Axis Slope

Smart Targeting

Smart Lock
Toughest laser in the market
Designed to IP68 protection against water and dust
Solar Panel Kit
Lifetime Warranty

Construction Laser Leica Roteo 25H

Leica Roteo 25H 
The Automatic self levelling construction laser Leica Roteo 25H offers fully automatic horizontal self-levelling and even the possibility of inclining the levelling plane on the instrument. The detector supplied in the set efficiently locates the laser beam over long distances: An appealing package for exterior works. Best price construction laser level.

Fully automatic horizontal laser

Inclination can be set

Removable protective cage

150 m range laser detector

90° plumb beam

Outstanding battery life for working without interruption

Leica Grade Laser
Construction Grade Laser Leica Rugby 260SG

Leica Rugby 260SG 
Leica Rugby 260SG A highly accurate, general construction laser with single grade capability. The Rugby 260SG is a rugged general construction laser with great accuracy, LCD grade readout and Semi automatic grade with bump alert. Automatic self levelling Single Grade Laser.

Single grade

Semi automatic grade with bump alert

Beam masking

Bright, visible beam

Large, intuitive graphic display

Simple, five button operation