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Leica Interior Laser :

Leica Roteo 35G  Green Beam Automatic Levelling Laser
All-round perfection in every condition:
On ceilings or walls, on the floor or on a tripod, the Leica Roteo 35G rotating laser is a multitalented performer. You can use it to work precisely on many indoor tasks in which leveling or aligning is required in very bright conditions and over very long distances. 
400% visibility:  
The pioneering green laser beam is four times more visible to the human eye. So you have the best possible visibility.


Extensive know-how in modern design:
Fully automatic horizontal and vertical laser
Motorized wall mount
Removable protective cage
Scan modus
90° plumb beam
Six scanning modes make work easier
Outstanding battery life for working without interruption

Interior Exterior Horizontal Vertical Laser 

Leica Rugby 55 

The Leica Rugby 55 provides the today's contractor with the tools needed for virtually any leveling or alignment job. The Leica Rugby 55 features an easy to use keypad, a watertight seal, variable head speeds, selectable scanning modes, a bright red beam and alkaline or rechargeable battery

Ceiling grids - Floor layout - Raised access floors - Transferring points.
Setting window supports - cabinets - Interior walls - Tilt ups - Setting benchmarks.
Elevation control - Footings and foundations - Plumb.
Alignment - Farming Fencing.
Manual Slope Mode with cross axis self-leveling


Beam Down Mode
Sleep Mode

Leica Rugby 840 with Digital Receiver Rodeye 180RF 
The Leica Rugby 840 provides the highest application performance, horizontal and vertical self-levelling with tough, rugged reliability. The Leica Rugby 840 is the flag ship laser levelling instrument for both ground workers, civil engineers and construction workers alike. This instrument will provide precise horizontal and vertical levels with laser plumb to ensure that the instrument has been aligned correctly.

5 Year Warranty 


Remote Control
Both Horizontal & Vertical Self-levelling
Dual Axis Slope
Smart Targeting
Smart Lock
Toughest laser in the market
Designed to IP68 protection

Interior cross line laser Leica L2P5
Lino L2P5
The Leica Lino L2P5 combines all the advantages of the Lino dot and line lasers. It has four points and two lines which are exactly at right angles to one another. With the Leica Lino L2P5 you are well equipped for any alignment or levelling task!
3 Years Warranty 
Exact 90° angle
Large glass lens
Modern, ergonomic housing
Very easy to use

Leica Cross Line Laser Lino L2 plus
The Leica Lino L2+ projects them exactly, quickly and easily – allowing you to concentrate on the job in hand. The improved emergence angle ensures outstanding visibility and extension of the laser lines and allow perfect leveling and alignment at long distances.

3 Years Warranty 

Emergence angle of 180°
Pulse function with power-saving mode
Modern, ergonomic housing
Exact 90° angle
Very easy to use

Leica Lino L360  
The Leica Lino L360 projects laser lines quickly, accurately and further – increasing the working range to 360°. The proven Power Range Technology™ ensures outstanding visibility of the lines. This combination makes the Lino L360 to a valuable partner at any construction site and allows perfect leveling and alignment.

360° horizontal line close to the floor level
180° vertical line
Well-dampened pendulum-based self-leveling
1.5mm @ 5m horizontal accuracy
Rechargeable battery pack for extended operating time
Dust-proof and jet water protected – IP65