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Single (Leica Rugby 870) and dual (Leica Rugby 880) grade capability. Large display and intuitive user interface. Axis Alignment function for automatic alignment of laser axes. Smart Targeting function for easy slope matching. Smart Lock function for keeping the laser on grade. Automated Calibration - unique and simple calibration system. IP 68/MIL-STD 810G water and dust protection. Long-lasting and quickly-charging Li-Ion battery. Official ISO calibration certificate included in the package. 5 years warranty

Leica Rugby 880 Dual Grade Laser

link: Dual Grade Laser Leica Rugby 880

The new Leica Rugby 870 and 880 grade lasers extend the rugged Leica Rugby 800 series to provide contractors with the ultimate grade reliability and accuracy. The Rugby 870 and 880 are the only grade lasers in the market that guarantee continuous high laser accuracy, even under harsh site conditions. Carry out slope works efficiently with the intuitive interface and large display. For increased productivity use the axis alignment and smart targeting functions – let the laser do the job for you

Grade and Vertical Alignment 

The Futtura LT-810 is an affordable, automatic true self-leveling single slope / grade laser. Rugged, reliable, and accurate, the LT-810 is designed for any level or sloped application such as: Concrete forms and footers, Grading and excavating, Sloped concrete pours required for runoff, Parking garages and ramps Site preparation and dirt grade, Drainage and ditch work.  LT-810 Features Include: Automatic self-leveling in level & slope mode, Height of instrument alert (HI alert), Long 2,000 foot (700m) operating diameter, Machine control compatible, 635nm visible red beam, Optional recharge kit, Wide temperature range thermal compensation.  Futtura LT-810 Automatic True Self-Leveling Single Slope Laser Easy-to-use flat laser with LCD display for digital slope readout. Standard package includes CR3 laser sensor and rod clamp.

Automatic Machine Control System Grade Laser
The Rugby 600 Series lasers are built for the construction site - water & dust proof, extremely durable housing and perform to the highest standards in all conditions Whether construction workers need to align form work, level ceiling, set-out walls or check grades on constructions sites, the Rugby 600 series provide an extremely easy to use tool with minimum buttons and self-leveling capabilities, add to that the guaranteed quality and it's easy to see why so many construction professionals choose the Leica Rugby 600 series.

Application: excavation, earthmoving, site set out, concrete forming, plumbing, drainage and ground works and use with machine control systems for ultimate grade control.

Automatic Leveling Dual Grade Topcon RL SV2S Multi-task Laser The RL-SV2S is a tool for any general construction or engineering project. It has an operating range diameter of 800m so it has the power to cover even the biggest job sites.  Designed for multiple types of tasks, the instrument is equally at home on construction or interior project sites. It is the perfect instrument anywhere a laser is required for horizontal, single slope, dual slope or vertical job applications. The laser can also be used for machine control applications.

The UL633 is also the first laser where the plumb beam can be changed into a rotating fan beam which can be detected by the new SpotFinder SF 601. The UL633 can align the plumb beam automatically to the SpotFinder for pipe laying and trench applications. Measuring a grade value through an existing pipe or an open trench can also be done quickly and easily in automatic Spot Match mode. The UL633 and the Spot Finder offer additional versatility for 90 degree layout applications on concrete pads as well as indoors for drywalls. Activating the SpotLok mode ensures the UL633 locks and holds the plumb beam automatically to the Spot Finder at the desired direction or elevation point offering a precise alignment to avoid rework.  Applications: General construction leveling such as forms, footers and pads. Precision placement of concrete for critical specification surfaces over long distance and with laser controlled screeds (Automatic PlaneLok). Drift free general construction vertical alignment and plumb for anchor bolt installation, plus form, tilt up and curtain wall plumbing (Automatic PlaneLok). Dual slope grading and steep slope excavating. Slope work for sports fields, driveways, ramps and parking garages. Pipe and drainage installations - measuring unknown slopes in existing pipes. Interior construction - layout of walls and installation of drop ceilings.