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Leica Interior Laser :

Leica Rugby 640 Laser Level


Leica Green Beam Interior Rotating Laser Rugby 640G
This universal, multipurpose laser provides the best beam visibility and functionality for interior and exterior applications. From installing drywall to working on suspended ceilings and raised floors, the new, bright green beam ensures you don’t miss the mark. The green beam uses the latest in green diode technology, visible up to 30 metres without a receiver. An IP 67 protection and up to 60 hours operating time make these lasers the most trusted and rugged choice for any interior project. Rugby 640G is delivered with the Leica Rod Eye 120G with digital read-out ability for convenient offset readings and outstanding operating range. The universal Rugby 640G also performs reliably outdoors, even in freezing temperatures.


Leica LG2-1

Impact-absorbing rubber pads. Compact ergonomic design IP54. Triple power concept: allows for continuous operation up to 44 hours. No interruptions - operation is possible while charging. The included battery tray makes it possible to power the Lino with alkaline batteries. Self-leveling pendulum. Pendulum lock: plastic on the outside and metal on the inside. Automatic pulse mode for receiver. Intuitive one button operation. Extended vertical laser fan angle. Tough aluminum window frame. Huge horizontal laser fan angle. Special laser opening of >180°enables great laser visibility and very long laser lines. Projection of laser lines over the top zenith and even past the device itself. Crisp and visible laser lines across the entire room, including floors and corners. Best available green power lasers on the market. Long life expectancy made possible by unique laser control. The latest green laser technology is up to 4 times more visible to the human eye compared to red ones. Power saving technology makes continuous operation of up to 28 hours with green laser beams possible.

Leica Rugby 640 Laser Level

The Leica Rugby 640 Laser Level is a multipurpose self-levelling vertical, horizontal, manual and 90° slope in dual axis construction laser level. This new laser squares, aligns and levels faster and easier than ever before increasing work performance by eradicating errors and downtime.The NEW Leica Rugby 640 laser level is tough, fast and part of the Leica 600 series range which are known for their suitability on all types of construction work. The Rugby 610 laser is protected to IP67 dust and water protected and has a glass cage, tough housing and comes with rubber handles for grip to provide ultimate protection. Enhance the Leica Laser Rugby 640 with additional plug and play accessories. Charge and use at the same time with the environmentally friendly A170 Solar Panel, power from a vehicle with a car charger or any battery with the 12v battery cable. Increase performance when used with a Rod Eye receiver such as the 140 Classic or 160 Digital .

Leica Interior CLA
Leica Rugby CLA

The Leica Rugby CLA All-Rounder Rotary Laser is a highly flexible laser level that offers upgradeable features to adapt to any application needs. This one-button Leica laser level is simple to operate, making concrete and formwork leveling, height checking and transferring, and land leveling applications quick and easy. It features a grade capability of ±15 percent and the ability to quickly adjust to the job’s needs. The Leica Rugby CLA is a class 2 laser and can self-level with an accuracy of ±1.5 millimeter at 30 meters (± 1/16-inches at 100 feet) and a self-leveling range of ±6 degrees. It can operate a diameter range of up to 4,400 feet with the Leica CLC Combo remote or receiver and a rod eye 140/160. This Rugby rotating laser level is made of durable materials and has the IP68 protection class. These ensure that the Leica laser level can withstand different outdoor work site conditions. It is powered by Li-Ion type batteries with a rechargeable battery life of 50 hours. Also included are a Li-Ion battery, charger, CLC remote/receiver combo, and a carry case.  

Interior fit out laser Leica L2P5

Leica Lino L4P1
The Leica LINO L4P1 is a new, all-in-one 180° multi-line laser layout tool designed to handle jobs that have traditionally required both a line laser and a point laser. The new base of this laser level is designed for fast setups. Just grab and spin the unit on its base to get close, then use the fine-tune knob to adjust the line or cross point for perfect placement. Combined with an overhead plumb laser point, the intersections of the three 180° vertical laser lines with the horizontal laser line create a total of five layout points for easy alignment and quick height transfers from wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling. The self-leveling pendulum ensures a level line. You know your line is out of level when it blinks. If the points are out of leveling range, they shut off. Once level, the line goes solid or the dot appears. Lock the pendulum to set out angled lines or to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it.