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Topcon Interior and General Construcion Laser RL-VH4DR:


Topcon Interior Laser RL-VH4DR
Topcon's RL-VH4 series lasers provide fast, superior leveling and visibility for interior and general contractor's.    

Features include:

Fast self-leveling - under 5 seconds
SmartScan Technology
Horizontal / vertical operation
RC-40 remote
LS-80 laser detector with rod clamp (GC kits only)Removable lighthouse cover       

Features include:

Fast self-leveling - under 5 seconds
SmartScan Technology
Horizontal / vertical operation
RC-40 remote
LS-80 laser detector with rod clamp (GC kits only)Removable lighthouse cover       

Value, advanced technology, proven durability, and four package choices to fit the way you work. Only Topcon has it!

Superiority that's easy to see indoors or out

Topcon's world's first ultra-visible GreenBeam technology quadruples beam brightness so you never lose valuable time hunting for the beam in direct sunlight or on the scan target.


Set up within 5 degrees of level and push the power button. The RL-VH4 searies features fast self-leveling (under 5 seconds) so it will be spinning and ready to go to work when you are. There's even an HI alert / auto shut down assuring there's no costly re-work should the laser be bumped or disturbed.


Topcon's SmartScan lets you draw a line of focused laser light on any surface, to any length you need. And it stays there as long as you need, automatically, until you release it using the target.

Vertical Alignment

Use the 90 degree plumb beam to easily square walls and align wall track. Simply place the optional vertical target on your line, place the RL-VH4DR at the other end, and use the manual slope buttons, or included RC-40 Remote to center the beam on the target.

RC-40 remote

RC-40 provides complete control of your RL-VH4 laser up to 300' (100m) away. It also features two-way communication providing HI alerts and laser battery power confirmation from the remote.

LS-80 Laser Sensor (standard with GC kits): Perfect when you're using your RL-VH4 series to set footers or check grade the LS-80 features an audible on-grade alarm, 11 levels of on-grade indication, laser power indicator, and HI alert, all displayed on a high contrast LCD. The LS-80 also comes with Topcon's Sensor Holder 6, perfect for attaching the sensor securely to just about any grade rod, square or round.

Removable Lighthouse Guard: Every RL-VH4 series laser features a removable lighthouse guard. Simply push the release button and tilt the guard back for unobstructed operation. Snap it back in place for complete protection of the rotating head in harsh or potentially damaging environments.

The power to work the way you want to work: the RL-VH4 series offers three power options for convenience and flexibility: alkaline (standard), rechargeable (optional), and AC run/charge (optional).Includes:

5 Year Manufactures Guarantee
Magnetic ceiling target
RC-40 remote control
Rechargeable battery package
Professional wall mount
LS-80B Laser sensor
Holder 6 sensor bracket
Operation Manual
Hard Carry Case
2mm / 20m
Detecting range
Beam type
RL-VH4DR - 635 nm red
Laser class
Rotating speed
0-300 rpm
Water-dust proof
IP 54
Scanning width
180 degr
RL-VH4DR -(90hr operating time)
Rechargeable Ni-MH, BT-63Q
RL-VH4DR - (27hr operating time)
RL-VH4DR - 2.2 kg
182 x 167 x 240mm
Remote Control
100m +
Water-dust proof
IP 66
2 x AA