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Laser Battery and Charger:   

Leica Rugby Laser A800 Li-Ion Battery Pack

Leica Rugby lasers A130 12V Battery Cable

Lithium-ion Battery

Rechargeable Battery
Alkaline Battery
Lithium-ion battery

QBL QL 125 Pipe Laser Lithium-ion Battery

Leica GKL211 Charger

Mikrofyn Laser Makita 7.2 V Battery

Leica Builder NiMH Battery

GKL112 Basic Battery Charger

Rechargeable Battery
Leica G EB111

Rugby NiMH Charger
Charger for DM 200

The GKL112 is a simple, low cost quick charger for charging NiCd and NiMH batteries. It is used for the Leica GEB111 & GEB121 batteries.

Supply: The GKL112 can be connected to the mains electricity supply or to the battery circuit of a vehicle. A country specific AC/DC adapter and a car adapter cable are included with the charger.
Buy NiCad carger
Charges two GEB111/121 and three 5-pin batteries. Requires two GDI222 battery adapters. The GKL221 is an intelligent charging station with advanced charging technology. It is suitable for charging all Leica Geosystems batteries and ensures the optimal battery operation with your equipment.
NiMH Battery Pack for Leica Rugby 50, Leica Rugby 55
Buy Rugby 50  battery pack
NiMH Battery Pack for Leica Rugby 100 (LG 726746)
NiMH Battery Pack for Leica Rugby 300SG, Leica Rugby 400DG
(LG 739855)
Buy Rugby 100  battery pack

DM200 Battery
Battery Pack NiCad for DM200

GEB221: Lithium-Ion Battery, 4Ah for Leica Pipe laser Piper100, Piper 200.
Buy Leica pipe laser battery
GEB121: NiMH battery 6v/3.6ah for all Builder models.
Buy Leica survery laser battery 
GEB111: NiMH battery 6v/1.8ah for all Builder models.
Buy Leica survery laser battery
Rugby 100, Rugby 100 LR, Rugby 200 battery pack holder alkaline.
Buy Rugby battery pack holder
GEV189: Data transfer cable, Lemo to USB connector (incl. USB electronics), 2.0m. Connects Sprinter to PC for data transfer. PC driver and user manual included on CD .

GEV102: Data transfer cable Lemo RS232 (9-pin, female, 2m) for connecting PC, laptop etc.

Toshiba 2 piece aaa alkaline, toshiba 2 piece aa alkaline

Toshiba 2 piece d alkaline, toshiba 2 piece c alkaline

Toshiba single 9v alkaline
NiMH Battery Pack, Rugby 50/55

NiMH Battery Pack, Rugby 300SG/400DG

Rugby 300/ 400 12 volt cable


Nimh battery charger Rugby 100

Nimh rechargeable base Rugby 100
Rugby 100/LR/200 battery pack holder alkaline
POWERCELL CHARGER & 4X2500 AA BATTS. for Leica sprinter digital level accessories
POWERCELL all size charger. For D, C, AA & 9V nicads

Universal Charger Adapter (incl separate power cable)

NiMH Charger, 100-240VAC to 12VDC (Includes power cables)

Lithium-ion battery, 4 ah, rechargeable.

Charger BASIC, for above battery - with cig charger for Leica Pipe laser

Charger NIMH, for GEB121 & GEB111 batteries

Nimh battery 6v/3.6ah   for all Builder models

GEB111 nimh battery 6v/1.8ah   for all Builder models



For Builder R100, R200