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Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Grade Laser:


The RL-SV2S is Topcon's hottest and latest rotary laser! This versatile tool is for the contractor or surveyor who wants a tough, dependable instrument that can be employed for flat work, single slope, or dual slope uses. The RL-SV2S can set slopes up to plus or minus 15 degrees with its dual slope function at a range diameter of almost a half a mile (2,600 feet).

Place it on its side and the RL-SV2S can be used to set vertical line alignment with its highly visible red beam, indoors or outdoors. Set it down on its incorporated mount or fasten it to a tripod and the laser quickly self levels itself for use in precise vertical measurements.


The RL-SV2S comes with a full function radio remote, which includes the same controls that the instrument's control panel possesses. The controls have a simple, intuitive configuration and design. Plus, the Topcon RL-SV2S has a long battery life operating as much as a 100 hours on alkaline batteries or 55 hours on the optional rechargeable battery pack.


Topcon RL-SV2S Dual Slope Laser features:


Robust Design

Versatile tasking capability with Horizontal, Single Slope, and Dual Slope control

Both the laser and the remote have a graphic display that is highly visible in all weather environments

Protection against the worst weather conditions (IP66) totally protecting it from dust and temporary flooding of water

Can be used for Machine Control

Long 100-hour operating time using alkaline batteries (55 hours for Ni-MH)

Long range operation as far as 2600 feet or 800 meters (diameter)

Topcon LS-80L Long Range Receiver features:

Automatic shut-down

Adjusts to any rod with its patented "SmartClamp"

Sensor quickly locates laser signal

Long battery life

LCD displays five increments of precision

Laser and receiver communicate both ways for height alert and laser battery condition

Topcon RL-SV2S Package includes:

RL-SV2S instrument

LS-80L Long Range Receiver

Receiver Holder

Radio Remote Control

Hard-Shell Carrying Case

Optional Ni-MH Battery Pack


Topcon RL-SV2S

Horizontal & Vertical Accuracy

+/- 1.2mm @ 30 meters, +/- 1/16 inch @ 100 Feet (+/- 10" arc seconds)

Operating Temperature

-20 to 50 degrees C

Grade Setting (dual)

+/- 15%


635 nanometers, visible diode

Laser Class

Class 3R

Output power

2.4 mW

Working Range Diameter

2,600 ft. (800m)

Rotation Speed


Operating Hours

100 hrs (Alkaline), 55 hrs ( Ni-MH)



Self-Leveling Range

+/- 5 degrees



Grade information channels

11 (+high / low out of range)

On-Grade precision

High precision: +/- 1 mm, Normal precision: +/- 2 mm

Audible on-grade alarm



9-Volt DC alkaline

Battery life

Approx. 120 hrs

Auto shut-off

After 30 min without beam detection