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Construction laser

Cross line laser

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Dual grade laser

Green beam laser

Interior laser

Laser detector

Interior multiline laser

Pipe installation laser

Plumb laser

Single grade laser


Automatic Levels


Digital electronic level

Automatic dumpy level



Laser Calibration 

Laser level repair


Machine Control


2D control system

Machine control system

Leica digging system

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Total Station


Electronic theodolite

Leica total station

Topcon theodolite 

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Laser Accessory: 


Leica Rugby Laser Digital Receiver Rodeye 160

  DWL 280 Pro Torpedo Digital Level 

Total Station NiMH Battery




DLW 280 level


Measuring wheel 





TruPulse 200B Rangefinder

Slope Meter No 2NS

  Angle measure


Survey Tribrach

  Optical Square


Slope Meter

Laser Tripod
Myzox Aluminium Tripod
RA dome tripod (screw/clamp),
RA dome tripod (quick release)   

RA flat tripod (screw/clamp), RA flat tripod (quick release)  


3m x 3 section E face 118cm with cover, 3m x 3 section metric 118cm with cover

4m x 4 section E face 123 cm with cover, 4m x 3 section E face 148cm 

5m x 4 section E face 148cm with cover, 5m x 4 section metric 148cm with cover

5m x 5 section E face 127cm with cover, 5m x 5m section 127cm with cover

5m x 4 section E face 148cm no cover

The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital laser detector eye provides a professional receiver with a digital readout, millimetre accuracy and strobe rejection.
The extended range of 1,350m (4,430ft) offers a large working area with up to 0.5mm accuracy..

Slope Meter No 2NS
Slope-Meter "No. 2 NS" is used to determine "percent of grade" and is calibrated to read from .00 to .12 (0-12%). The "No. 2NS" aids the operator and speeds work on motor graders, asphalt pavers, wheel ditches, tunneling machines, and other equipment where exacting specifications are required. The "No. 2NS" is installed at the factory by leading equipment manufacturers

NiMH Battery Pack for Leica Rugby 100
Nicad Battery Pack
Battery Pack NiCad for DM200
Charger NiMH for Rugby
Standard battery for many Leica instruments
Nimh battery charger Rugby 100

  DWL 280 Pro Torpedo Digital Level
IP67 Waterproof feature allows to work in many harsh terrains such as off-shore, hot desert and freezing cold weathers.
LED display enables user to work in less illuminated working condition such as tunnel, bridges and ship building.Protective rubber end caps to withstand shock/impact.

TruPulse 200B Rangefinder
Compact and lightweight, the TruPulse 200 features "thru-the-lens" viewing so you know the laser energy is traveling directly along your line of sight. Because measurements are shown in the display, you never have to take your eyes off the target