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Measuring Wheel

Geo Fennel M10 Measuring Wheel
Wheel circumference 1m, Mass 2.7 kg
Clamp for wheel
Robust support allows the M10 to stand upright
Dirt remover
Precision counter
Sturdy spokes offer little resistance to wind ensuring ease of use
The highly visible red colouring of the wheel aids the safety of the operator during use on roads

Imex R500 Measuring Wheel

Our comprehensive range of measuring wheels let you choose the right wheel for the task. From lightweight to full steel construction gives many uses including real estate agents, carpet layers, sporting groups, traffic controllers, builders, plumbers, contractors, assessors, police investigation units and more. Imex measuring wheels are manufactured with solid fiberglass wheels for extra durability over harsh surfaces, with easy fold down and canvas bag there is a model for all applications. 1/2 size wheel. Fast one finger fold up. Trigger brake. Folds to 380 mm

Bear 8m Magnetic Tape


  • 8m x 25mm steel-bladed tape
  • Non-reflective finish (anti-glare)
  • Anti-scratch nylon-coated tape
  • Magnetised and triple rivetted end-hook
  • Bump-stop on rewind
  • Thicker blade means longer standout
  • Durable construction (rubber infused outside armour)
  • True-zero feature - the hook allows for its own thickness

  Imex R1000 Measuring Wheel

  • 10,000m range
  • Trigger brake
  • Strong fibreglass wheel
  • Easy fold down
  • Easy read display
  • Carry bag included 


Imex R1000D Digital measuring Wheel  

  • Imex R1000D Digital measuring Wheel
  • 10000 range
  • Large LCD display on handle
  • 5 measurement memory
  • Auto shut off
  • Easy fold down
  • Canvas backpack carry bag