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DigiPas DWL280 Spirit Level:

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DigiPas DWL280 Spirit Level Tool


The DWL280 (0.05 degree resolution) is 20cm long Digital  Spirit Level with magnetic base. Made with strong impact resistance ABS plastic and a tough Aluminium base to form a rugged body structure. Magnets on the base enable the digital mini level to be fixed on to any magnetic surface.DWL280 (0.05 degree resolution) offers high speed, clarity and precision over a conventional spirit level.


Digipas products comparison 

Only Black colour available


100% Brand New Digital Mini Magnetic Level

Stores Measurements at a press of button

A handy and accurate measuring device to measure level and angles

Perfect for applications for measuring level/ angles e.g. sloping roofs, Pool table, machine installation, scaffolding, pipe join.

Used by professional architecture, interior design, surveying, building installation, renovation work, machine installation, etc.

Many kinds of field work can now be easily and speedily done when LCD Display showing the exact value of level angle


Easily & quickly display any angle in digital - No Guessing!

Precise, speedy & reliable measurements

User can self-calibrate the level by his/her own at ease.

User can choose to display in degree or % slope without the need for calculation.

Can attach to metal surface and enable user Hand Free operation

Extended battery life 
The DWL-80 model is a Pocket-Size Digital Level having a resolution of 0.1°. It is designed for handy & practical applications. The Digital LCD Display enhances the display angle with great clarity. The strong impact resistance PC/ABS polymer material casing is moulded with a tough aluminium base & built-in magnet.
It is suitable for both DIY and professional usage in various practical environments.
Measurment Range
0 to 90 degrees
High Resolution
0.05 degrees (1.0mm/M)
High Accuracy
0.05 degrees at 0 to 90 degrees
and 0.2 degrees for other angles
Digital displays
Angle &, % slope
LCD Display
Auto Reverse Reading
Buzzer sound
Can be muted
Extended battery life
3 minutes auto off

Digital Display for all Angle

Precise, speedy & reliable measurements

High accuracy can be maintained by user. Simply self-calibrate the module whenever needed.

Enable user great convenient to INSTANTLY convert Spirit Level to Digital Level.

Can SECURELY screw to any Level especially the I-Beam type of Spirit Level.

Audible sound can assist user to simply hear sound when levelling reached. 

link: Digipas DWL 180 manual

Screw On Digital Level Module - DWL 180


The DWL 180 modules having a resolution of 0.05 degree are designed for extreme convenience purposes to be screwed onto Traditional I-Beam Spirits Levels and to INSTANTLY convert these I-Beam Spirit levels to Accurate Digital Levels.

These modules can SCREW ON to any flat surface including machine, work piece, equipment on various length & width of I-Beam Spirit Levels.


Measurement Range 0 degree ~ +/- 90 degree

Easy, Clear & Precise Digital Display

High Resolution 0.1 degreeand/or 0.05 degree (1/1000mm)

Hold Function to Freeze Display

Operating Temperature 0 ~ 45 C

Buzzer Sound

Long Battery Life with 3 minutes auto off

Product weight 0.08kg incl. 2 x CR2032 3 Volts batteries