Automatic Lasers


Construction laser

Cross line laser

Dot laser tools

Dual grade laser

Green beam laser

Interior laser

Laser detector

Interior multiline laser

Pipe installation laser

Plumb laser

Single grade laser


Automatic Levels


Digital electronic level

Automatic dumpy level


Leica Disto


Leica disto D210

Leica disto X310

Leica disto D3aBT

Leica disto D510

Leica disto D810

Disto accessory


Laser Calibration 

Laser level repair


Cable Locators


Leica digicat 550i

Leica digimouse

Leica digitex

Leica digitrace

Pipe locator

Signal clamp


Machine Control


2D control system

Machine control system

Leica digging system

Universal receiver

Rail Alignment

RS 4000 system


Total Station


Electronic theodolite

Leica total station

Topcon theodolite 

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Staff and Rod 

Myzox Aluminium 3 Metre E Face Staff
Myzox SUM53 5M x 3 Section Metric staff with cover
Myzox ALG-55EM 5M/5 Staff with cover
Aluminium Leveling Staff Myzox ALS-74
Myzox ALG-55EB 5M X 5 Section E Face with cover
Myzox 3M x 3 Section Metric Staff
Myzox SUM53E 5M x 3 Section E Face Staff with cover
Myzox 5m/5 EB Staff with cover ALG-55EB

Fibreglass Metric 5 metres Staff
5 metre 5 section E Face Fibreglass Staff
7.6m Fibreglass Staff


Fibergalss Levelling Rod
Dual face bar code staff
GSS 112 Dual face 4m bar code Staff
Dual face telescopic leveling Staff

GSS 111: Dual face telescopic levelling staff, 5m, 4 sections, SPRINTER bar code/ E-Scale cm-graduation, with circular bubble, in transport bag (Standard version)


GSS 112: Dual face telescopic levelling staff, 4m, 4 sections, SPRINTER bar code/ E-Scale cm-graduation, with circular bubble, in transport bag (Standard version)

NDEO Invar F375312 E Face Staff 
NDEO Invar F375312 E Face Staff

NEDO Invar F375312 5m x 5 Section E Face slim staff
GENNO II - with extension
Heavy Duty Cut & Fill Rod on one side & normal leveling rod on the other (NO MATH)
Heavy Duty - Manufactured to the highest European standards
3mm thick Aluminium extrusion provides stability & strength
Use for both laser leveling and conventional optical levels
Height with extension is 3.9m (snap in extension)
Increments in mm throughout Rod
Receiver slide with quick lever lock
Yellow colour cut & fill section
Locking pin ensures accurate reading in level and extended mode
Place your laser receiver on the sliding section and zero to reading on the rod
Adjust bottom section up or down until receiver reads level
Includes adjustable Bubble

Includes heavy duty carry bag, user instructions & orange receiver slide