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Leica Survey Laser Levels FAQ: 

Why should I acquire a Builder just to save stringing reference lines?

String lines are inexpensive, but very time consuming. Also, string is easily damaged and has to be set up again. The time the Builder saves, can very quickly pay for the acquisition.
Is it complicated?

No. The Builder was designed to be easy to use, even those with little or no experience.
What is the purpose of the endless drive?

The endless drive eliminates the need for any locking knobs that get in the way, and may cause errors if not locked. The smooth endless drive securely holds the Builder steady while giving full 360 degree rotation and eliminates extra steps.
What are the advantages of an electronic theodolite over an optical-mechanical version?

Data is read from the highly visible and easy to read display, and the software enables automatic compensation of angle readings. Functions such as displaying values in varying scales cannot be implemented simultaneously in optical mechanical instruments.
Why should I invest in an electronic distance measurement tool instead of continuing to work with a simple measuring tape?

The combination of distance and angle measurements enables the Builder to calculate points e. g. for a rectangular layout, reducing possible errors and saving time. A single measurement with the Builder R often saves many conventional measurements.
How to exchange the data with the Builder RM?

Simply connect the USB cable (part of scope of delivery) to your PC and to the Builder. Before connecting the first time, install the USB driver on the PC.
Install the Construction Data Manager Software which is on a CD that comes in the red Builder Container. After install, the software asks for registration. You can skip registration and try it out first, later you can register at any time to use the program fully and free of extra charge.
What stands EDM for?

Electronic Distance Measurement
What means "True Zero"?

A glass prism requires the laser beam from the EDM to pass the prism, and that results in a measurement that is typically longer than the true distance between the prism pole and the Builder. The difference to the true distance is called prism offset. The TrueZero Builder prisms have zero prism offset, they are made in a way that the measured distance always equals the true distance within the overall accuracy specification of the EDM.
What makes a Theodolite to become a Total Station?

The capacity to measure distances electronically (EDM) and to store them in a memory.
Some people call it 'Tachymeter'. What does that mean?

That's historical and was used for the first theodolites with inbuilt EDM. Later (but more than 25 years ago from now) when the memory was added people started to call it 'Tota' Station because it was perceived to be the total solution at that time. But as the Leica 'SmartStation' shows, there is still a lot of room for technical innovations and thus for new names.
Typically only surveyors use total stations?

No, many people use Builder today, foremen, architects, all without having a surveying education in their personal record. That's because of the Leica PowerSite Software.
What makes Leica 'PowerSite' software so special?
First of all, it is the first software for Theodolites (Total Stations) that matches contractor needs be-cause it wasn't at first hand made for a surveyor but for contractor. Second, the software runs on all Builder models, from T up to RM power, that makes it unique because no other software in the market provides unique operation of a series of instruments ranging from theodolites up to Total Stations.

Unique Features

Multilingual function
Does your crew speak different languages? Ours does.The Leica Builder is the only instrument of its class with multiple languages onboard. This allows the user to choose the preferred language - simply and with only one keystroke,for improved efficiency and convenience. 3 languages can be displayed at the same time on the Builder.


With " Direct.dxf " functionality, data can be read directly from the instrument in dxf-format and read into AutoCAD on a PC without any intermediate steps. Coordinates and point numbers can be stored in different layers.

Theft protection
The PIN-code feature prevent unauthorized persons from using the instrument. This increases your data security. Without correct code, the equipment can't be operated, data erased and makes it  unattractive to steal. This protects you from having damages, increases your safety and possibly lowers your insurance rates.

Reflectorless Measurement

Inaccessible measuring points are a thing of the past! The Builder measures without reflector quickly and precisely. The RedDot Laser with its accurately and extremely bundled visible Laser provides you the highest degree of pointing and measurement accuracy. Wall corners and inaccessible points can be measured without special applications. Furthermore the laser distance measure gives many other advantages such as very high measurement quality and reliability even under hardest conditions like rain and snow. Circumvent any obstacle!

Leica PowerSite Software
The Leica Builder Series are all equipped with the built-in Leica PowerSite Software, specifically designed to meet the requirements of construction experts for their daily work on the site. High performance and amazing ease-of-use make this software the ideal solution for every layout task.


With the built-in Leica PowerSite Software, every layout task on the construction site is a piece of cake.  It is fast and professional, yet easy to use and learn. The user additionally benefits from the most advanced electronic distance measurement and pinpoint accuracy.

Fast and efficient layout
All the user has to do is turn on the Leica Builder, the software starts automatically and you can begin to layout. New features of the Leica PowerSite Software extend the users’ possibilities such as calculate volumes, layout of curved structures, measuring to hidden points and layout using intersection points or grid points. Graphical elements guide the user through the software and make all tasks visually understandable, starting from the first levelling of the instrument,  to a computed block volume. Even the switch between the various Leica Builders is simple, as they all use the Leica PowerSite Software.