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Leica Digitex 300t Transmitter :


Leica Digitex 300t Signal Transmitter 


The Leica Digitex 300t signal generator was designed in conjunction with the Digicat locator, to easily and accurately trace the route of, or locate, an underground cable or metal pipe that does not carry a naturally present signal. It generates a specific "active" signal, which can then be traced using the Digicat. It allows users to trace services over a greater distance, improve service detection in areas of high signal interference and improves depth estimation when using a depth locator.  


The Digitex i-Series signal transmitters are compact, robust and easy-to-use. The have been designed in conjunction with the Digicat i-Series cable locators to easily and accurately avoid, trace or locate buried cables and pipes.

Improved utility detection
These intelligent signal transmitters can be used:

  • To improve utility detection in areas of high signal interference
  • Enables depth estimation, when using a depth enabled cable locator
  • Enables to locating of non-conductive utilities by applying a detectable signal to underground utilities. The signal can then be traced using a Leica Digicat cable locator. Using the Leica Digitex signal transmitters this way will help you locate around 50% more buried cables or pipes than using a Digicat cable locator alone.
  • Use a range of accessories to locate a range of utilities


Leica Digitex 300t signal transmitter - 3 Watt signal transmitter ideal if you are frequently locating underground utilities in areas with high signal interference, or larger excavation areas.   


  • Operating transmission frequencies: 8.192 KHz, 32.768 khz and mixed 8/33 (connection mode only)
  • Power supply: 4 D batteries
  • Ingress protection rating with case lid closed: IP65 (equipment is dust tight and protected against water jet spray)
  • Ingress protection rating with case lid open: IP54 (equipment is protected against dust and splashing water)
  • Dimensions: 11" W x 7" H x 10" L .