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Geo Fennel Construction Laser:  


Geo Fennel FR66-MM Digital Receiver

Construction laser Geo FL110A Construction laser Geo FL 100HA

Construction Laser Geo Fennel FL 110HA:  

Automatic Construction Laser Horizontal Rotating Geo Fennel FL 110HA With Li-Ion technology - the new standard for horizontal laser levels.

The FL 110HA with its advanced design and safety features was derived from the proven FL 100HA. This is the first laser supplied with Li-Ion technology to improve instrument and battery performance. Compact and robust with a rubberized housing and metal cover for effective site protection. Easy and intuitive operation. Automatic TILT-alarm function, large working range, zonal control with electronic beam screen - FL 110HA does not lack anything.
Li-Ion technology
100 % power until fully discharged
No memory effect
Stable power through discharge
Low self discharge
Top-up charging possible


eceiver FR 45 with clamp,
Li-Ion rechargeable battery with charger,
Battery case for alkaline batteries,
Remote control,
Carry Case
Self-levelling range
± 5°
± 0,75 mm/10 m
Working range  FR 45 Ø
600 m
Working range  FMR 700 Ø
650 m
Slope settings X- and Y axis
± 5° (9%)
Rotating speed
800 rpm
Operating time/Power supply
Li-Ion / 40 h6 x AAA
Temperature range
-10 °C – +45 °C
Visible Laser diode/Laser class
635 nm/2
Dust/water protection
IP 66
2,1 kg

Construction Level Geo Fennel FL 100HA:  

Geo Fennel FL 100HA is a Fully-automatic self-levelling laser with long working range. Very easy to use. Its robust, dust and water resistant housing makes it an ideal laser for general construction sites.
Auto shut-off when out of self-levelling range
TILT-Alarm function
Powerful rechargeable batter
Can be used with alkaline batteries
Manual slope setting X and Y axes up to ± 5° (9 %)
Dust/water protection to IP 65
Supplied with:
Receiver FR 45 with clamp for levelling staff, rechargeable battery with charger, battery compartment for Alkaline batteries, remote control for slope setting, container
Self-levelling range
± 5°
± 1 mm/10 m
Working range Ø with FR 45
600 m
with FMR 700
650 m
Slope settings X axis
± 5° (9 %)
                    Y axis
± 5° (9 %)
Rotating speed rpm
Operating time/Power supply
30 h (4 x 1,5 V NiMH)
60 h (4 x 1,5 V C Alkaline)
Remote control range
50 m
Temperature range
-20 °C – +50 °C
Visible Laser diode
Laser class
635 nm
Dust/water protection
IP 65
2,4 kg


Geo Fennel FL 100HA Junior: 

Geo Fennel FL 100HA Junior
Quick and easy to use
Self-levelling rotating laser for horizontal applications
3 buttons for user friendly functionality
Robust and efficient
Auto shut-off when out of self-levelling range
TILT alarm function
VWS function
Powerful rechargeable battery
Dust / water protection to IP 65
Supplied with
Receiver FR 45 with clamp for levelling staff
Rechargeable battery and charger
Battery compartment for alkaline batteries Container  

Self-levelling range
± 5°
± 1 mm / 10 m
Working range with receiver FR 45 Ø
600 m
Rotating speed rpm 
Power supply / Operating time
NiMH / 24 h
Alkaline / 36 h
Temperature range
-20 °C – +50 °C
Laser diode / Laser class
635 nm / 2
Dust / water protection
IP 65
2,4 kg


Geo Fennel FL30 Manual Construction Laser Level:

For horizontal and vertical use. A robust manual construction laser quick to set-up and easy to operate. Easy set-up with two bubbles. For horizontal and vertical measurements. Scanning, laser point mode and permanent 90° beam to zenith. The ideal laser for indoor applications, suitable for simple outdoor jobs.
For horizontal and vertical measurements
Visible laser beam
Horizontal easy setting with 2 bubbles
Scanning function (2 step) and laser point mode
Multi-stage rotating beam
Permanent 90° beam to zenith

Supplied with: Padded carrying case, Floor / tripod mount, Set of batteries