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Topcon Construction Laser :


Topcon construction grade laser RL SV2S

Topcon grade lase RL 200 1S 

Construction laser Topcon RL-H4C

Topcon RL-H4C Construction Laser - 5 Year Warranty
Topcon′s RL-H4C automatic levelling construction laser combines precision, versatility and value in one job site tough package. Its super-fast self-leveling motors are accurate to +/-10 arch seconds meaning whether you′re checking grade or setting batter boards you′re going to be accurate the first time. Its high-power 2.4mW diode means you have a 2,600ft. (800m) diameter working radius making it a great reference for machine mounted receivers. All of these features plus optional dry, rechargeable battery operation makes the RL-H4C more than twice the laser offered by anyone else.    

Simple, intuitive manual slope match capability with cross axis self-leveling

Fast, automatic self-leveling

Ruggedized construction with dual handles and IP66 water-resistant housing

NEW LS-80L Long-Distance laser sensor

Up to 100 hours of production from dry or rechargeable batteries

Automatic height of instrument alert (HI alert)

Optimally focused beam provides long 2,600ft. (800m) operating radius

Machine control compatible

Topcon RL-SV2S Series - 5 Year Warranty
Designed for a wide range of tasks, the RL-SV2S can be used for horizontal, sloping and vertical laser applications. Slopes up to ±15% can be used in either the X or Y axis. Turn it on its side and use it for alignment and layout tasks as well! With an operating range of more than 800 metres (diameter), IP66 rating and 120 hours operating time with standard alkaline batteries, the RL-SVS2S grade laser is tough enough for any job. Recommended for: Site preparation, earthworks, drainage. Suitable for: Concreting, vertical alignment and site set-out.  

Dial-in grade setting

Grade matching (manual slope)

Hi Alert

Warning on LS (Hi alert, battery)

Electronic beam masking

Vertical setting

Vertical alignment

Remote control (range 200 m) RC-60

Topcon RL-200 Series - 5 Year Warranty

High accuracy grade lasers.  Available with either single grade (1S) or dual grade (2S) capability, the RL-200 Series from Topcon offers reliable, repeatable grade measurement.  With exceptional slope range and a large, easy to use screen and user interface, Topcon's RL-200 series combines advanced technology with simple, robust design.    


  • 7 arc second accuracy
  • Wide grade range (up to 25% slope without slope blocks)
  • Extra long battery life (100 hours)
  • Bright, easy to see graphical display

The RL-H5A's popularity lies in its ease of use. With electronic self-levelling, you press the power button and begin levelling work in seconds. If the RL-H5A gets disturbed on the job, it relevels itself automatically. The self-levelling motors are accurate to ±10 arc seconds. The RL-H5A excels in long range operation. Need to shoot elevations up to 400m from your laser? No problem! This instrument has the power and range to cover a 800m (diameter) jobsite.With efficient power usage, the RL-H5A has a long battery life. The unit also gives you the option of two forms of power, 100 hours of continuous usage with D cell (4 x) batteries (included), or 60 hours with the optional rechargeable (Ni-MH) battery pack. The RL-H5A is “jobsite tough” and with its IP66 rating, the unit can withstand dust, a sudden shower and even torrential rainfall. Topcon stands behind this reliable and accurate laser with a 5 year guarantee which is the best factory warranty in the industry.