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DML2000-XRM Metered magnetic metal detector :

The Metered Version of the DML2000-XR, the DML2000-XRM Magnetic Locator has all of the standard features of the DML2000-XR, plus an easily readable Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) panel meter. The DML2000-XRM with its 3-1/2 digit (0 to ± 1999) Digital Panel Meter, gives the operator a real time, true visual representation of the instrument's output frequency changes, it also provides the highest resolution display of any Magnetic Locator. The digital display provides an exact numeric readout with a separate polarity indicator that can be even more useful to the experienced professional.

When the panel meter peaks and the polarity changes, this normally indicates that you are directly over the end of that pipe section, typically a weld or a "Bell" joint. A polarity change that occurs when the meter readings are at a minimum means you are over the midpoint of that pipe section.

As with any magnetic locator, the importance of the operator’s magnetic cleanliness cannot be over-emphasized. Some of the more common sources of local magnetic interference are watches, oxygen tanks, knives, flashlights, and battery operated devices.

The depths outlined here are typical responses. However, there have been numerous instances where targets have been located at greater depths. In almost every case, the magnetic locator operator knew how to get the maximum out of his instrument. He was magnetically clean, his search area contained a minimum amount of trash metal, and he held his instrument in a vertical position while using the instrument on the maximum sensitivity setting. 


  • Controls: Power On - Off, Volume
  • Sensitivity: 6 Ranges, where each range change triples the instrument's sensitivity
  • Output (Audio): Idles @ 20 Hertz, increases as you approach a magnetic target
  • (Visual) Bipolar Digital display: (± 1999) - Model DML2000-XRM only
  • Low Battery: Red Flashing LED when you have < 3 hours of operating time left
  • Battery Life; 60 Hours from 4 “AA” Batteries
  • Overall Length: 43" (1.1 m)
  • Waterproof length: 36" (0.9 m) - top of sensor tube to the tip
  • Weight: ~ 2 lbs (< 0.9 kg)

Target Depth:

  • Iron Marker (3/4" x 18"): Up to 2.7m
  • Cast-Iron Pipe (4" Pipe): Up to 3.1m
  • Manhole Cover: Up to 3.1m
  • Well Casing: Up to 5.5m
  • PK Nail (1.5"): Up to 0.3m
  • Iron Valve: Up to 3.1m
  • 55 Gallon drum: Up to 3.1m
  • Septic Tank (Handles): Up to 1.5m.