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LEICA MC200 Depthmaster:

LEICA MC200 Depthmaster (Leica Basic Digging System) is an ideal tool for any kind of height control for Excavators. Simply turn the excavator dipper into an integrated measuring stick without having to leave the cabin. It is simple to set-up and can be used with any rotating laser.

  • Machine Control Receiver with patented plumb indicator:
  • Constant Accuracy Band Control
  • Magnetic or bracket mounted
  • Patented plumb indicators
  • Ultra-bright LED displays (front & back)
  • Self-contained rechargeable battery pack
  • 100 % waterproof
  • "Shake 2 wake" functionality
Mounts either to a standard excavator or backhoe - even levelling work can be done with the same sensor. Different mounting systems (magnet or brackets) allow the Leica Basic Digging System to be mounted on either side of the excavator arm. It is simple to use and achieves best results already on the first day of use.
The system is very economical and saves time and material. Simply use the strong magnet to mount it on large excavators and it will withstand shocks also in rough environment. Includes an energy preservation function which is deactivated with the "Shake 2 Wake" feature - reactivating the Depthmaster by shaking the excavator arm.

Technical Data

Leica LMR360

Leica MC200 Depthmaster

Leica LMR240

Range Radius

400 m*

200 m

250 m





Capture Window

25 cm

21 cm

15 cm

Accuracy (fine)

6 mm

±4 mm

1.5 - 6 mm

Accuracy (coarse)

12 mm

12 mm

10 - 15 mm

Protection class (splash water/dust proof)

IP 67

IP 67

IP 67

Battery type / hours

NiMH / 30

NiCD rechargeable (NiMH Q3/14) / > 48)

3 x AA / 120 - 160


1.8 kg

2.4 kg

1.9 kg


Magnetic / Clamps

Magnetic / Clamps


Remote Display




Remote Range

30 m