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Automatic Machine Control Grade Laser :  


The Mikrofyn Dual Grade Laser ML14i - for Excavators, Graders, Dozers, Builders.


a full automatic self leveling laser

a semi automatic dual grade laser

remotely controlled from the HS14 combined handheld laser receiver

features a 90° split beam

plumb function

advanced scanning functions for increased visibility

vertical function projecting a vertical plane across the worksite

remotely controlled alignment function.


The laser has:


a visible rotating laser beam

user selected rotating speed etc.

multible scanning and search functions


For quick setup the laser is self leveling and it even warns you if it has been disturbed. The ML14i is completely waterproof and of course crash proof. All functions and settings chosen by the user are clearly displayed on the large LCD display.


Easy to learn, setup and use.

Look at the front panel of the ML14i. Then you’ll understand why it’s so easy to setup and use.


Everything at a glance.

Who wants a keypad when they can have a crisp and clear LCD display with all current settings

displayed? Entered X and Y slope values, RPM selected, battery status and mode selections are clearly displayed and can be overlooked at just a glance. Now there are no more excuses for mistakes in setting of the laser.


Waterproof or just protected against rain?

Is a laser waterproof when it can withstand water and rain? (IPX6) – we don’t think so – all Mikrofyn lasers are tested to withstand 3m head of water (IP68) – now that’s waterproof. This also means that our lasers are completely dustproof.


The most accurate laser in its class

Mikrofyn is renowned for producing precision lasers. We have used this experience to design the mechanics to a high standard ensuring an unbeatable accuracy of 1mm/20m.


We call the laser series “multipurpose lasers” because they are just that. You can always find a Mikrofyn laser that will cover your exact needs - whatever your job might be. As no other manufacturer we have looked into our customers daily problems and needs for special applications to solve their job efficiently


Take the toughest exterior laser you can buy - then add the functionality of the best interior lasers you can find – then you’ve got the Mikrofyn multipurpose laser ML14i.


ML14i  features visible laser beams – and as if this wasn’t enough - the scanning function will increase visibility by as much as 20 times, ensuring greater distance and better visibility in bright sunlight.


Remote control

Both lasers are supplied with the unique HS14 combined 2-way remote control and laser receiver. The HS14 is in essence labour saving. It will enable you to remotely access all laser functions across the entire work site. Eight selectable radio channels will ensure undisturbed functionality on a crowded worksite.


All Mikrofyn multipurpose lasers are supplied in a sturdy carrying case.

The case will fit the laser and all necessary accessories - your laser receiver, the charger, extra battery, wall bracket and everything else will fit into the case.


When transporting your laser you don’t have to worry about wear and tear as the laser is very well protected by the case.


100% watertight and shock-proof

You know the situation – your laser is accidentally knocked over and ends up in a puddle of water. If the water doesn’t destroy your laser the shock will. That’s why we have designed your Mikrofyn laser to withstand a 2m drop and survive on the bottom of the lake 3m below the water surface.


MHS14 has the unique LCD-display, bright LED for laser detection, audio guidance for right level and they are of course 100 % waterproof. Also, with just one finger you get total control with the HS14 2-in-1 remote control and hand-held receiver. This combines the laser receiver and the remote control in one small sensor unit for your convenience.


The HS14 is a 2-in-1 combined remote control and hand-held receiver.

With Mikrofyn you don’t have to use both hands to remotely control the beam adjustment on your laser.


We have combined the laser receiver and the remote control in one small sensor unit for your convenience. One finger is all you need to have total control.


2-way radio communication

Instead of IR we use 2-way radio communication for the HS14 remote control. This gives you a number of advantages – for example the freedom to move around as you no longer have to be on the right side of the laser in order to target the IR eye.


A total of eight selectable radio channels ensure undisturbed functionality and convenient access to all laser functions across the work site typically as far as 60m away from the laser.


Added functionality

The 2-way radio enables the laser to “communicate” with the HS14 remote control. This ability is used during the “search-and-scan” function where the laser automatically detects the laser receiver and immediately starts scanning at the right location - you can now mark, drill or hammer at the exact height using the clearly visible laser beam.


Fast and Easy Setup

Fully automatic self-leveling allows the operator to setup with just the push of one button. No level bubbles or screws to adjust! During work, the automatic self-leveling keeps the beam horizontal, even if the laser is exposed to knocks and vibration.


Alarm function

If the laser is exposed to shock or vibrations whilst working in the slope mode you will be warned by the level alarm.


SmartSlope Automatic Slope Check


Mikrofyn presents the new and improved software for our Mikrofyn multipurpose laser series. The SmartSlope feature improves the overall accuracy of the ML11, ML13 and ML14 lasers when working with slope.


It is widely known that aluminium tripods shift with temperature. The SmartSlope solves the problem in the most advanced way by measuring the current temperature, memorising it and comparing it with the initial temperature. The laser re-levels and reenters the slope automatically if there is any change in temperature. If there is no change in temperature, the SmartSlope re-levels every ten minutes. This ensures you the best possible precision.


The SmartSlope can be added to older lasers by updating the software.


When you add up the cost of buying standard batteries you will know why all Mikrofyn lasers are powered by a commonly used rechargeable battery (Makita™ type). The one-hour charger automatically shuts off when the battery is fully charged. This feature protects from over-charging batteries.


Waterproof - or just protected against rain?

Mikrofyn lasers are designed and manufactured in Scandinavia. That’s why our lasers are built to survive the sometimes harsh Scandinavian climate.


You might think that a laser is waterproof if it can withstand water and rain (IPX6) - we don’t. A temperature drop caused by chilled rain will make these lasers suck moisture like a sponge.


That’s why all Mikrofyn lasers are tested to survive submersion to 3m head of water (IP68) - now that’s truly waterproof.


Perpendicular reference function

Position the laser in the vertical position on the batter board, tripod or on the floor. The plumb beam and the rotating laser beam now forms a perfect 90° angle and it becomes very easy to construct foundation corners or to erect walls in a perfect perpendicular angle to the reference as well as checking the plumb.


Visible laser beam function

For many interior applications the visible laser beam will give you more opportunities and better flexibility - you can now use both hands when working with heavy tools or in awkward positions. Mikrofyn gives you the choice between two powerful lasers visible at distances up to 60 or 120 meters.


Unique “search-and-align” function

Position the laser over the reference point - walk up to the other end of the factory hall and place the HS14 combined receiver and remote control over the other reference point - press one button and the laser automatically aligns itself. A very practical function if you are alone and 6m up a scaffold. Works both in horizontal and vertical mode.

Technical Specifications ML14
Working range (interior, visible):
60 m
Working range (with laser sensor):
300 m (1000 ft)
Levelling range:
± 9%
Grade adjustment range, semi-automatic
0 - 10%
Rotational speed, rpm:
Split beam:
Diode: 650 nm / Maximum output: 2.5 mW
Battery : 7.2 V rechargeable such as Makita™ type - 1.4 Ah. Battery life, approx. 20 hours
Recharge time, approx.1 hour
Yes (IP68)
Dimensions (L x W x H):
195 x 110 x 180 mm, 7.8" x 4.4" x 7.2" in