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Surveying Theodolite:


Pentax Survey Theodolite ETH 410 10"



 Setting out right angles and checking plumb
 Alignment measurements
 Anchor bolt layout
 90 degree


Key Features Include:

 Easy to read-display
 Zero set and reverse angle display
 Powered by Alkaline batteries
Easy To Read-Display:

A 16 characters x 2 line liquid crystal display (LCD) is incorporated on both sides of the instrument. Both vertical and horizontal angles are displayed in degrees or gon.
Easy Key Operation:

A row of soft keys allows simple and fast operation.


Easy To Use:

 Lightweight and compact
 The basic instrument weighs only 4.8 kg or 10 lbs. 6 oz (including battery)


Automatic Power-Off Function:

Automatic power-off prevents unnecessary battery drainage. The remaining battery capacity is indicated on the display.


Angle Measurement and Angle Control: 

 Clockwise and counter-clockwise angle measurement
 Conversion of the vertical angle to a percentage grade
 Zero setting of the horizontal angle at any position
 Horizontal angle hold key function


Bright Optics:

All the models have a bright 30x magnification telescope which ensures sharp and clear images even in poor light conditions.  
All the models have a bright 30x magnification telescope which ensures sharp and clear images even in poor light conditions.  
Standard Configuration:

  2x Battery case
 4x Dry cell battery, type AA (pre-installed in battery case)
 A set of tools
 1x Plumb bob
 1x Rain cover
 1x Carrying case
 Instruction manual 


Erect image

Objective aperture

42 mm


30 x



Field of view

1 o20'

Shortest focusing distance

2.0 m

Stadia multiplication constant


Stadia addition constant


Angle measurement Angle measuring mode

Increamental rotary encoder

Angle measuring accuracy


Angle display


Angle unit

360 o/400G

Compensator Tilt sensor

Automatic vertical compensation

Tilt compensator


Soft switch


Compensation range

+/- 3'

Display unit


Optical plummet Image



3 x

Angle of vision

5 o

Focusing range

0.5 m ~ infinity

Sensitivity of tubular vial

40"/2 mm

Sensitivity of circular vial

8"/2 mm

Type of base


Power supply Battery

4 AA-sized alkaline batteries


80 h

Ambient temperature For operation

-20 C - +50 C

Weight Instrument

4.8 kg

Carrying case

2.5 kg

Measurements Instrument

W 168 mm x L 158 mm x H 333 mm

Carrying case

W 316 mm x L 422 mm x H 240 mm