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Surveying Accessory:


GLS105, Telescopic Pole

Reflector pole with twist- and snap locks to prevent any pole slip. With 1/4" thread for mounting of GMP111 and GPR105 reflectors. Min. length 1.28m (4.20ft), extendible to 2.11m (6.92ft), weight 890g (1.96lb).

Leica Flat Prism CPR 105
This unique prism provides two back-to-back reflectors, both having 0-constants.
The one reflector is a cat-eye type providing a similar distance range as a mini-prism with both infrared and reflectorless EDM. The other is a reflective tape with target lines for short-range measurement.
Optical Square
Optical Square - accuracy 3'
Builders quality double penta prism for fast right angle sighting in either direction.  
Protective metal cover rotates to protect prism.  
Metal Housing.  
Double optical square extra wide.  
Comes with leather case.

USB Memory stick

MS1, USB Memory stick
1GB for Leica Builder

Mini Prism Pin Pole Set

Geo Fennel ADS103 Mini Prism Pin Pole Set
The Pin Pole has 3 sections that screw together to form a height of 0,6, 1,2 or 1,8 m.  
The adjustable 25 mm prism.  
can be locked anywhere along its length.  
0 mm offset.  
The range and accuracy of mini prism depend on the instrument used. The instrument manufacturer will state range and accuracy to a mini prism in the user manual.  
The bubble in the prism bracket is adjustable.

Leica Monitoring Prism

Leica Style Monitoring Prism with L-Bar Mini monitoring prism mounted in metal holder. Supplied with L-bar for fixed installations. The prism offset is dependant on the mounting position. Max. IR range of 2000m (7000ft)