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Digital Planimeter PLANIX 7:
      Digital Planimeter Planix 7
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TAMAYA Digital Planimeter PLANIX 7

Tamaya digital planimeters are excellent tools to use when measuring irregular-shaped areas on plans or drawings.
They eliminate the need for grids, charts, or calculations done by hand. PLANIX 7 with numeric keyboard allows user input of scale so area from plan or drawing can be computed.


  link: PLANIX EX / PLANIX 5/6/7


Digital Area Line Meter Planix 10S:
      Planix 10S Digital Planimeter
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TAMAYA Digitizing Area Line Meters Marble PLANIX 10S

Plot key is now right next to the trace lens, allowing you to operate the new Marble easily, with one hand.


Switching by Lines
Point/Stream (continuous) mode key allows conversion between point mode measurement for plotting points on straight lines and stream mode for tracing curves on curved lines.


More Compact and Lightweight
The weight is only 630g, and the compact design allows for easier measurement.


More Colorful Measurement
3 colors--, metallic gray, pastel blue, and pastel red.


Total and Average As You Go
By measuring the same diagram more than once, a more accurate average or cumulative measurement for large scale diagrams can easily be done with these special keys.


Measurement of Reduced/Enlarged Scale and the Vertical Scale with Different Horizontal Scale
The "Marble" can also measure the area of a scaled plan.


Auto-Close Function
Automatically finishes measuring when it is returned to the starting point during measurement.

Digital Area Line Meter Planix Ex:
Tamaya Planix Ex Digital Planimeter

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TAMAYA Digitizing Area Line Meters Planix Ex

The PLANIX EX not only allows you to quickly and accurately measure areas, but it also allows you to calculate lengths, coordinates, radii, and angles.




Easy Measurement
The automatic closing function, which automatically finishes measurement when the trace point is returned to the starting point, makes measurement easier.


Wide Variety of Measurement Units
The PLANIX EX and EX-L are not only equipped with metric units (mm, cm, m, and km) but also provide the user with such units as in., ft., yd., mi., and acres, as well as other user-defined units.


Two Modes Are Better Than One
With the Point mode, the user can more easily and more quickly obtain areas and lengths of diagrams with straight lines.
The Stream mode should be used for tracing curves on curved lines.