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Topcon Grade Laser: 

Topcon Single Slope Laser

Topcon Dual Slope Laser RL-100 2S

Automatic Leveling Grade Laser Mikrofyn ML11:

The ML-11 is an automatic single grade laser.
It is watertight and dust proof.
A single grade of up to 10% can be input.
For internal or external use
Horizontal self levelling
Single grade
Protected against dust or water
Outfit includes:
Laser with protective case
Detector with staff clamp
7.2v battery and charger  

Automatic Leveling Grade Laser Mikrofyn ML13:

The ML 13xld long distance is an automatic Dual Slope Laser with features like the ML 14i except Scanning, Remote Control and adjustment of RPM.

Dual Slope: To use slope simply press the manual button, X- or Y- direction and then enter the slope desired using the Up/Down button. The ML 13xld will start from its level position and tilt the rotor to the entered slope. After achieving the desired slope, a slope alert will be activated.

Slope Alert: The Slope Alert communicates to the user if the instrument is distributed.
The Slope Alert of the ML 11, ML 13ld & ML 14 can be set in the Off/Course/-Fine position by the operator depending upon the work requirements. No need to match points, just dial in the slope and go to work.

Fast and Easy Setup: Fully automatic self-levelling allows the operator to setup with just the push of one button. No level bubbles or screws to adjust! Large ±9% (±5 degrees) self-levelling range makes this possible! During work, the automatic self-levelling keeps the beam horizontal, even as the laser is exposed to knocks and vibration. The large LCD display shows all setting and the battery condition.

Rugged design: The ML 13xld is built to be strong and robust, with the rotor head sealed in a glass housing, making the laser 100% watertight and dust-proof. 600 RPM makes the ML 13xld perfect for machine control applications as well as use with normal handheld detectors.

The ML 13xld is supplied in a transport case with batteries, fast charger and Hand Detector HS 10.
Working range (diam)
1mm at 20m
Self leveling
Yes (±5°)
Battery 7.2 V Makita™ type:
Recharge time, approx.
1.4 Ah. Battery life, approx. 30 hours
1 hour
Operation temperature
-20° to 55°
Waterproof (IP68)*
Laser receiver w/clamp (adjustable)
HS10 (Standard)
Shock proof carrying case
Horizontal level laser
Alarm function if disturbed
Grade adjustment range
0 - 10% Dual Grade
Rotation speed
Fixed at 600
Split Beam (90°)
Vertical operation
Plumb function
Visible laser beam
Yes (plumb only)
Wall bracket and goggles
650 nm
Maximum output
2.5 mW or 4.9 mW
Laser class
Class 3A

Automatic Leveling Grade Laser Mikrofyn ML14i:

The ML-14 is a self-levelling internal/external dual grade laser.

It is watertight and dust proof

A dual grade of up to 10% can be input in each plane

For internal or external use

Horizontal self levelling

Vertical self levelling

Dual grade X and Y

Two scanning modes

Variable rotation speed

Laser spot mode

90° split beam for turning corners

Protected against dust and water

Outfit includes:

Laser with protective case

Detector with staff clamp

Wall mount

Magnetic target

7.2v battery and charger