Automatic Lasers


Construction laser

Cross line laser

Dot laser tools

Dual grade laser

Green beam laser

Interior laser

Laser detector

Interior multiline laser

Pipe installation laser

Plumb laser

Single grade laser


Automatic Levels


Digital electronic level

Automatic dumpy level



Laser Calibration 

Laser level repair


Machine Control


2D control system

Machine control system

Leica digging system

Universal receiver


Total Station


Electronic theodolite

Leica total station

Topcon theodolite 

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Laser Accessory: 



Universal Battery Charger




Magnetic Wall Bracket 


Measuring wheel 

Digital level angle slope plumb measure





  Angle measure



Optical Square



Laser Tripod

RA dome tripod (dual clamp)   

RA flat tripod (screw/clamp)   

RA ELV-3000 Aluminium Elevating - 3m 

RA ELV-Cover Aluminium Elevating with cover
GST05 tripod with polymer coating, GST05l aluminium tripod h/s 

CTP106 Medium Duty Aluminium Tripod 

Laser Staff

3m x 3 section E face 118cm with cover, 3m x 3 section metric 118cm with cover

4m x 4 section E face 123 cm with cover, 4m x 3 section E face 148cm pentax

5m x 4 section E face 148cm with cover, 5m x 4 section metric 148cm with cover

5m x 5 section E face 127cm with cover, 5m x 5m section 127cm with cover

5m x 4 section E face 148cm pentax no cover,

5m x 3 section E face 182cm pentax no cover

5m x 5 section E face 127cm pentax no cover

5m x 5m section metric 127cm pentax no cover

5m x 4 section staff cover 153cm (padded)

5m x 5 section staff cover (not padded), 7m x 4 section metric

Leica Laser Receiver
The Leica Rod Eye 160 Digital laser detector eye provides a professional receiver with a digital readout, millimetre accuracy and strobe rejection.
The extended range of 1,350m (4,430ft) offers a large working area with up to 0.5mm accuracy.
Optical Squre

Optical Square  - accuracy 3'.  Builders quality double penta prism for fast right angle sighting in either direction.  Protective metal cover rotates to protect prism. M etal Housing.  Double optical square extra wide.  Comes with leather case.

Battery Charger
NiMH Battery Pack for Leica Rugby 100
Nicad Battery Pack
Battery Pack NiCad for DM200
Charger NiMH for Rugby
Standard battery for many Leica instruments
Nimh battery charger Rugby 100

Laser Technology TruPulse Laser Rangefinders give you the freedom to shoot from any angle. Now there is construction tool every one will appreciate! Introducing Laser Technology TruPulse Laser Range Finder. With the revolutionary TruVector compass technology, how you gather data is no longer restricted by your equipment.    

Tajima Engineer Measuring Tape


100 metres Steel, plastic coated with end hook.

High quality tapes, all featuring crisp, clean scales.

For Engineers, Professional contractors, Surveyors.

Tajima Open Reel Measuring Tapes. Steel Measuring Tapes offer long life in tough field conditions and superior greater accuracy at any temperature. Steel Measuring Tapes are designed to withstand more wear and tear than Fiberglass Measuring Tapes.