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Digital Level Smart Tool:  



MD Building Product SmartTool level 60cm MD SmartTool Digital level 1200mm
Smart Tool Module
SmartTool - Electronic level reads in degrees, percent slope and pitch!

The Smart Tool is based around an electronic module which can display angle over a full 360° range with a resolution of 0.1°. It is available as either a stand alone module or as a 60cm or 120cm long levelling tool. The module can be used as supplied, or it can be panel mounted into your product or equipment. The SmartTool levels can be used in a variety of applications as both a conventional level and as an angle setting or measuring tool.


Controls include:


On/off - automatic shut-off if left idle for 6 minutes
Hold - freeze or unfreeze display readings
Listen & level audio - beeper will sound at level and plumb
Calibrate - simple two-step calibration procedure (recommended once per day)
deg.,%,in/ft - select display units
Up/down arrows - show direction of tilt to reach level or plumb
Low battery - low 9v battery indicator


Features include:


Displays in degrees, percent, and inches/foot

Indestructible block acrylic vials

Patented liquid sensor made in the USA

Over 2 million sold

500 hour battery life (9 volt battery included)

Patented calibration in both level and plumb

Calibrate on any semi level surface without vials

High visibility LCD display

Display image flips when upside down

Listen and Level Audio tone at level and plumb

Hold button freezes display

1 year warranty


Product Includes:


Digital Level - Smarttool
Operation Manual
9-V Battery


Smart Tool enables you to find level and plumb in two ways. For quick reference, use the sensitive acrylic bubbles. For high precision, use the digital display with amazing accuracy within 1/10 of a degree. If you're not dealing with plumb or level, Smart Tool quickly identifies any angle in 3 different modes: degrees, % slope and pitch.


About M-D Building Products SmartTool

Welcome to the versatile world of SmartTool. Most levels only give you information at level (0 degrees) and plumb (90 degrees) using bubbles you have to work to center visually between two lines. You can do that with SmartTool, too, but the SmartTool also lets you measure digitally, electronically, and with an actual number, at every angle, all 360 degrees of a complete circle. So installing a deck, stair rail, extending a roof or determining how much an old floor has sagged is simpler, less time consuming, and more accurate.


SmartTool is simple to use. Just press the on/off button and SmartTool will show you the angle of any surface with decimal-point accuracy. The display even flips over with the level so SmartTool always reads right side up And it shuts off automatically after 6 minutes when it's not being used, all this from a standard, 9-volt battery. And, SmartTool can take abuse other levels can't, because its components are made of high strength materials and you can reset it to factory accuracy with the touch of a button.


Many versatile options


If you can imagine times you'd like to have both a small digital torpedo level and a longer level, the SmartTool Module fills the need. The SmartTool Module can be used as a stand alone level or it can be placed in the optional American I-beam level in lengths of 24 inches, 48 inches or 96 inches. M-D's top-quality red aluminum I-beam levels have been assured of excellence among construction professionals for more than three-quarters of a century. Easily attached or removed using only a screwdriver or coin, the versatility of this product can be appreciated in almost any application. The simple, SmartTool patented field calibration procedure can be performed using one button, any reasonably level surface, and just a couple of minutes. When used with the optional magnetic bracket, the SmartTool Module will stay on saw blades, metal pipes, buildings, machinery or anything made of iron or steel allowing hands free measurement.


Simple to use


SmartTool permits you to find level and plumb in two ways. For quick references, use the sensitive bubble vials. For highly precise work, use the digital display on the Sensor Module. It provides accuracy to 1/10 of a degree. But the real advantage of the SmartTool is that it also reads all the other angles bubble vials don't. So when you are not dealing with level or plumb, SmartTool quickly tells what the angle is and what the angle needs to be. And only SmartTool allows you to measure angles three different ways: degrees, percent slope, and pitch (rise over run).


Read in Degrees


Set saw blade angles to a fraction of degree accuracy with SmartTool. Assure there is no gap when you join 2 cuts together with .1 degree accuracy. You can easily duplicate a stair angle for setting handrails and never again will you be measuring top and bottom to make sure stair treads and rails are parallel.

Percent Slope and PitchIn the percent slope mode the SmartTool allows you to read angles to meet requirements for sewer connections, ADA ramps, and grading. And showing compliance is merely a matter of pointing to the display. SmartTool also gives you roof pitch readings -- in inches of rise per foot of run -- right on the display. No two-handed measurements, no conversion calculations, and no mistakes.


Listen and Level Audio Feature


Have tasks where you really can't see the SmartTool but need instant feedback? Then turn on the audio beeper. When turned on with a single button, SmartTool lets you hear when your task is at level or plumb. This can be great when shimming projects, leveling buildings, pool tables or other projects where you need immediate feedback but are not in a position to see the display. This can leave your hands free to adjust, nail, or screw the project in place when you hear the beep telling you it is where you want it.


Hold The hold button makes it easy to measure in areas where the digital display is not visible. Take the measurement, push the hold button, and then bring the SmartTool in front of you to see your reading.


From the Manufacturer


SmartTool electronic level all ready to go in a 2 ft. long aluminum frame. Only SmartTool electronic level can measure all angles in a 360 degree range. Installing a deck, stair rail, extending a roof, or determining how much an old floor has sagged is simpler and less time consuming. The display even flips over with the level, and it shuts off automatically after 5 minutes when it is not being used, all this from a standard, 9-volt battery (not included). Features: angle accuracy to 1/10 of a degree, the mode button lets you see angles in three ways-degrees, percent slope or pitch (inches of rise per foot of run), and Listen & Level ideal for poorly lit areas. Also allows hands-free operation as the audible tone alerts you when tool reaches level or plumb.

Please note that the module cannot be removed from the rail.


Uses and Applications  


The uses for the SmartTool Digital Levels and the Builder's Angle Finder's Module are as extensive as your imagination.  In almost any way a need exists to measure angles, the SmartTool has a tool that will save you time and money.  Some of the uses that have been reported by actual users of the SmartTool are:

ADA (American Disabilities Act) contractor and inspector: assure cross slopes are no greater than 1:50


ADA contractor and inspector: assure proper angle of hand rails

ADA contractor and inspector: assure ramps are no steeper than 1:20

Aircraft service: Confirm actual flaps angle are as expected

Aircraft service: Determining actual angle of propeller pitch Asphalt laying to assure curves are banked at required angles

Automotive: Front end wheel alignment - assure proper camber

Automotive: Set angle of drive shaft

Bicycling: Hill incline


Boating: Sail boat heel indicator by fraction of a degree from 0 to 90°  

Building inspector: Determine actual angle in ° of new construction

Cabinet maker: Level cabinets with both hands free using beep function for level

Carpenter: Exact setting of saw to 22.5°

Concrete worker: Set slope and pitch of sidewalks and ramps

Construction work: Setting grader and tractor work alignment in ° increments

Disaster rescue: Monitor damaged buildings to assure not shifting (used in Oklahoma City bombing)


Dump truck operators: Continuous monitoring of tilt of bed for safety

Electrician: Precise bending of tubing/conduit at any angle including (no longer trial and error)

Engineer: Confirm actual angle vs reported angle on down hole drilling equipment

Excavation company: Dig so that sides of pit are at 60°

Fire Fighter: Monitoring collapsed building for shifting during rescue efforts

Flooring Installer: Measures deflection / levelness of floor

Fork lift operator: Continuous monitoring of tilt on lift to assure safety

Framing Carpenter: Setting pitch of stairs to different codes for different cities Framing Carpenter: Setting rafter angles for roof construction at 8:12


Golf course greens keeper: Slope of greens at US Open golf tournament

Golf Pro: Angle of golf club shaft when addressing the ball

Government safety inspector: Confirming structures to code specifications Hobbyist: Model railroad grade of 2%

Home owner: Assuring pictures are hung level

Home owner: Leveling pool table from underneath using beep function

Insurance claims adjuster: Assessing accident sites

Interior Decorator: Assuring pictures, drapes, etc are level or at desired angle (repeatable)


Machine installer: Assuring installed machine is at correct angle

Machine shop: Fixture design

Maintenance professional: Continuous monitoring that machinery is not shifting

Motorcycle construction: Frame building and repair

Motorcycle construction: Set exact angle of rake on front forks

Plumbers: Setting pitch of drainage pipes using inches/foot

Police officer: Accident reconstruction


Race car set-up: Set drive shaft, fender, spoiler, etc. in tenths of a °

Railroad construction: Offset angles of high speed railroad tracks

Recreation vehicles: Used beep function to assure level without having to see the readout

Road construction: Laying in bank and drainage for highways

Roller coaster: maintenance and inspection

Solar array manufacturer: Confirm angle of solar collectors in ° of movement

Surveyors: Equipment set up

Welder: Checking exact angle of channels after welding