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Locate undergound water, gas pipes:


The Digicat 550i represents the latest design in cable location technology. With digital signal processing (DSP) and intelligent software, the Digicat i-Series locators make ground surveys a simple and speedy task; increasing onsite safety.

The Digicat 550i locates buried conductive services by receiving electromagnetic signals which radiate from them. The Digicat's software interprets the signals and provides the operator with an audible and visual response to the position and direction of the buried services.

With its automatic controls and combined detection mode "Auto Mode" the Digicat 550i locator has been specifically designed to reduce human error during the location process. Combined with its precise and reliable service positioning, the Digicat 550i will prevent damage to underground services during excavation projects. Active signal tracing and service depth estimation are available when used in conjunction with the Digitex 8/33 signal generator or Sonde in 8/33 kHz mode. Available for 50 Hz or 60 Hz to suit your regions mains power frequency.
Auto Mode
Auto Mode combines the benefit of simultaneous detection in Power and Radio modes and helps to confirm the presence of services upon initial site occupation making cable detection easier and safer!
Radio Mode
Traces signals originating from distant radio transmitters. These signals penetrate the ground and are reradiated by buried conductive cables and pipes.
Power Mode (Default Mode)
Locates power signals radiated by energised cables which pose the most significant risk to excavation teams.
Generator Modes (8 and 33 kHz)
Locates a specific signal from the Digitex 8/33 or the Digimouse, enabling the most difficult of services to be located or identified.
The Leica Digisystem is comprised of:
Digicat 550i Service Locator
Digitex 8/33 Signal Transmitter
Digitrace Service Tracer and additional accessories
How does Digisystem locate?
The Digicat 550i locates buried conductive services by receiving electromagnetic signals which radiate from them. The Digicat’s intelligent software interprets the signal data and provides the operator with an audible and visual response to the location and direction of buried utilities. The operator can mark the ground or use a GIS mapping device* to note the location, providing the excavation team with clear indications of utility positions.
Digicat Benefits:
Digital signal processing technology (DSP) for precision service locating.
Automatic controls - making the Digicat easy to use, requiring minimal user training.
Starts in Power Mode ensuring the most potentially dangerous current carrying services are detected first for maximum operator safety.
Auto Mode - Convenient for initial site occupation, simultaneously scanning in Power and Radio
Added benefit of utility depth estimation in 8 and 33 kHz, to 3 m for additional survey information (Digicat 550i model only)
Hazard Zone. Additional indication to the presence of shallow buried services (within approximately 30 cm), operates in power, 8 kHz, 33 kHz and Auto mode,
Pinpoint assist. Allowing fast and accurate positioning of services.
In-built test function. Allowing operators to test the hardware and software functionality of the Digicat before use.
Service Due indicator. Wrench icon displayed after 12 months.
User configurable settings accessed via the i button.
Highly visible digital LCD display with built-in light sensor, automatically enabling the backlight in dark conditions.
Robust, light weight design, specifically engineered for tough site conditions.
Power mode 50 Hz or 60 Hz,
Radio mode 15 kHz to 60 kHz
Generator mode 8 kHz and 33 kHz,
Auto mode = Power + Radio mode
Depth range
Power to 3 m, Radio to 2 m, Generator Mode to 3 m
On/Off, Mode select, i Information select & view
Depth Estimation (8 kHz & 33 kHz)
10% of depth in line or sonde
(0.3 m to 3.0 m depth range)
Dust and water protection
Conforms to IP54
Wireless data transfer
6 x AA alkaline (IEC LR6) (supplied)
Battery Life
40 hours intermittent use (at 20 C)
2.7 kg including batteries
Quick starter and CD-ROM including User Manual and Certificate of Conformity
How to locate underground telecom cables, water sewer pipes, gas pipes: