Automatic Lasers


Construction laser

Cross line laser

Dot laser tools

Dual grade laser

Green beam laser

Interior laser

Laser detector

Interior multiline laser

Pipe installation laser

Plumb laser

Single grade laser


Automatic Levels


Digital electronic level

Automatic dumpy level



Laser Calibration 

Laser level repair


Machine Control


2D control system

Machine control system

Leica digging system

Universal receiver


Total Station


Electronic theodolite

Leica total station

Topcon theodolite 

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Laser Level Tripod:    

Wooden Tripod
Aluminium Tripod
Wood Tripod
Heavy Duty Tripod
Elevating Tripod

Aluminium Elevating Tripod

Myzox Heavy Duty Wooden Tripod

Aluminium Tripod Star

Aluminium Tripod
Wooden Tripod
Myzox Wooden Tripod
Tripod Support

Myzox SAT-OL Flat Head Screw Lock Tripod
Myzox Aluminium Flat Head Tripod
Myzox Aluminium Dome Head Tripod

RA dome tripod (screw/clamp)

RA dome tripod (quick release)

RA flat tripod (screw/clamp)

RA flat tripod (quick release)

ELV-3000 elevating tripod 3 metre

Leica GST05 tripod with polymer coating

Leica GST05l aluminium tripod h/s

Leica GST20-9 tripod telescopic without pouch.

Leica GST120-9 tripod telescopic with locking legs

Leica GST20 tripod telescopic.

Leica GST4 tripod-star setup on hard & slippery surface