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Automatic Cross Line laser:

Tuf Red & Green Beam Cross Line

Self leveling multiline laser

Leica Lino L2-1 Line Laser - 864413

Cross Line with one Plumb Point Tuf 1.2XL

Tuf 1.2XL FG Green Beam Cross Line Laser

Interior fit out laser Leica L2P5

Tuf Cross Line Tuf Multiline Laser
laser Lino L2 plus
Tuf 1.2XL cross line laser
Tuf 1.2XL FG Green Beam
Leica L4P1 laser

TUF CL360X3 Cross Line Laser

Tuf Cross Line Laser with Up & Down Points

Leica Lino L2P5-1

Leica Lino L2P5G-1

Cross Line Laser
Cross line laser with 5 points Tuf Cross Line Laser
Leica Lino L360
laser Leica L2P5
Interior line laser Leica L2G-1


Leica Lino L2G-1

Green laser technology, visibility on a new level: The Leica Lino L2G-1 is a self-levelling cross-line laser. It is a reliable precision laser for any kind of tasks like levelling, transfering and setting out right angles. It supports you on job side with two crossing vertical and horizontal lines. Outstanding Laser Visibility: The high-precision optics of the Leica Lino L2G ensure outstanding laser line visibility up to 25 meters, depending on lighting conditions. Its exceptionally long horizontal and vertical laser lines are projected to floors, walls and ceilings at more than 180 degrees. Self-Levelling: The Leica Lino L2G automatically adjusts its positioning if it is slightly out of level up to ± 4°. Outside this limit a visual alert is activated to prevent errors. Smart Adapters: Smart adapters allow for quick and precise positioning. You can set up rotatable adapters over edges and profiles, or easily attach them to iron pipes, tracks and bars


Interior fit out laser Leica L2P5

Leica Lino L4P1

The Leica LINO L4P1 is a new, all-in-one 180° multi-line laser layout tool designed to handle jobs that have traditionally required both a line laser and a point laser. The new base of this laser level is designed for fast setups. Just grab and spin the unit on its base to get close, then use the fine-tune knob to adjust the line or cross point for perfect placement. Combined with an overhead plumb laser point, the intersections of the three 180° vertical laser lines with the horizontal laser line create a total of five layout points for easy alignment and quick height transfers from wall-to-wall or floor-to-ceiling. The self-leveling pendulum ensures a level line. You know your line is out of level when it blinks. If the points are out of leveling range, they shut off. Once level, the line goes solid or the dot appears. Lock the pendulum to set out angled lines or to protect the mechanism when you aren't using it


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Automatic Self-leveling line laser, generating three horizontal lines, four lines of vertical and plummet. Horizontal lines can create a horizontal circuit. Easy to use, designed for outdoor and indoor use.
Cost effective internal laser option. Simplicity with quality. 2 vertical beams 90 to each other. Throws a horizontal beam around room. Auto self leveling. Can be used outdoors with optional sensor. The great time saver for internal fitout.


360° horizontal line close to floor. You do not need to turn the device, to transfer reference points from one side to the other. Furthermore the laser line is very close to the floor, allowing you to check levels easily.  Pendulum based self-leveling. The instrument is set up quickly thanks to a well-dampened pendulum, effortlessly projecting horizontal and vertical lines. Minor angular misalignments of 3.5° ± 0.5° are compensated automatically. If the tilt is outside these limits, the laser lines will flash to prevent errors
Leica Lino L2P5-1
Leica Lino L2P5-1

Impact-absorbing rubber pads, Compact ergonomic design IP54, Triple power concept: allows for continuous operation up to 44 hours. No interruptions - operation is possible while charging. The included battery tray makes it possible to power the Lino with alkaline batteries, Self-leveling pendulum, Pendulum lock: plastic on the outside and metal on the inside, Automatic pulse mode for receiver, Intuitive one button operation, Extended vertical laser fan angle, Tough aluminum window frame, Huge horizontal laser fan angle, Special laser opening of >180°enables great laser visibility and very long laser lines, Projection of laser lines over the top zenith and even past the device itself, Crisp and visible laser lines across the entire room, including floors and corners, Class II Laser, Laser Beam: Red, 3 Year Manufacturer's Warranty.  

Green Beam Multiline Laser aLine ML5G

The aLine ML5G Multi-line Laser is an accurate, self leveling instrument which generates extremely bright, visible green lines. The instrument is ideal for both interior and exterior layout projects. The laser emits 1 horizontal, 4 vertical lines and a down dot to check plumb. To enable it to operate outdoors, the ML5G uses a pulse mode setting & aLine LR1 Green Laser Detector. The ML5 Multi-line Laser has an integrated rotating base with fine screw adjustment and can be used alone or mounted on a 5/8" flat tripod .